• Krzysztof Przybylak

    Krzysztof Przybylak

    Looking for Seed-stage startups from Central and Eastern Europe. Reach out to me on LinkedIn

  • Łukasz Kincel

    Łukasz Kincel

    Innovations at @NomtekMobile

  • Piotr Strugacz

    Piotr Strugacz

    I’m forward-thinking engineering leader, passionate about solving challenges, building products, making cool stuff.

  • Marek Wylon

    Marek Wylon

  • Ivt


    Obserwuję. Forwarduje.

  • Dariusz Lorek

    Dariusz Lorek

    Web developer. Graphic designer. Tesla enthusiast. PlayStation user. Apple lover.

  • Adam


  • Michał Krajewski

    Michał Krajewski

    Dad, husband, product manager. Passionate about data science, startups & technology.

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